vmware player 3.0 configure network interface mapping

vmware player 3.0 released on 2009/10/27. This version allow users to create new virtual machines in vmware player. In previous version, this function is only available in vmware server. By the way, when I used the vmware player 2.x series, I created a new virtual machine through Eazyvmx web site.

I downloaded this version yesterday, and I found that there was a vmnetcfg.exe in previous version, but this program do not present in vmware player 3.0. vmnetcfg.exe is a utility that users can use to configure the vmware bridge interface would map to which interface in host OS. This is very useful in the situation that you have multiple network interfaces installed in your host OS.

Actually, the vmnetcfg.exe is included in the vmware player installation package, but you need to know some tip to extract this program from the package. This discussion provide detail steps. thanks the guy ascella provides this method.

1. Run the installer with /e option. For example:
VMware-player-3.0.0-197124.exe /e .\extract
All contents will be extracted to “extract" folder.

2. Open “network.cab" and copy vmnetcfg.exe to your installation folder,
typically “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\".




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