Internet Explorer and pure-ftpd

ccsun 上面的 pure-ftpd 程式,可以用 active mode 連上去,但是不能用 passive mode 連上,用 ftp 軟體在察看的時候,發現可能是防火牆擋住了 passive mode 的連線。

因為 Internet Explorer 和 firefox 預設是使用 passive mode 連上去 ftp 站,所以沒有開 passive mode 也就不能讓 IE 和 firefox 連上 ftp 站台了。

修改了 pure-ftpd 設定,加上 -p 指定 passive mode 所能使用的 port,並配合防火牆後,解決了這個問題

從這一篇討論區的文章上看到的, internet explorer 這個 ftp client 的問題

pure-ftpd FAQ 原文如下:

* Internet Explorer.

-> Internet Explorer doesn't show any login box.

IE does a very strange trick to detect whether an FTP server does accept
anonymous connections or not. Basically, it connects to the server and logs
in as 'anonymous'. But if you say 'no' at this point, it drops the
connections with an error. You have to say 'ok, anonymous users are
allowed' and then, when a dummy password ('IE@') is sent, you say 'ah
ehm... finally... no... anonymous users aren't allowed' . Silly. To play
that game, you must run pure-ftpd with the -E (non-anonymous server) and -b
(compatibility with broken clients) flags. Then, the magic popup will show
up. But please note that IE (and browsers at large) are usually bad FTP

FTP 的 active mode 和 passive mode
How To Configure Internet Explorer to Use Both the FTP PORT Mode and PASV Mode in Windows 2000

::如何配置IE的FTP PORT mode和PASV mode::

Active FTP 及 Passive FTP



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