在 vim 中,方向鍵(arrow key)出現 A B C D 的解決方法

在使用 vim 的插入模式(Insert mode)時候,按方向鍵(arrow key) ,卻出現 A B C D,游標(cursor)沒有正常的移動?多半是因為 TERM 環境變數設定的問題。今天在網路上找到了一個解法,直接在 .vimrc 中設定方向鍵的 mapping. 參考的文件是這裡


This doesn't really work very well for me on SunOS -- I have the same problem but :set term=cons25 just gives me OC everywhere before each character until I redraw.  Weird.

But, :set term=ansi works great, and the arrow keys work.

A better solution is to, while in vi, type in insert mode [ctrl-v][arrow up] and see what you get.
Then, in your .vimrc, add the lines
set t_ku=[ctrl-v][esc]OA    # or whatever you saw

so it ends up looking something like
set t_ku=^[OA
set t_kd=^[OB
set t_kr=^[OC
set t_kl=^[OD
(though you want REAL escape chars instead of ^[.)



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